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24 May 2021 — IN The Straits Times (school publication)
Read our feature on page 2 “Too Many Straws Will Break Nature’s Back” and again on pages 8 and 9: “Waves Of Waste”. Thanks to Serene Luo for being curious about the impact of coastal clean-ups after doing one herself!

9 April 2020 — Climate Change SG
Check out our feature in their #SGClimateChampions series on Facebook, plus a short note with an interview.

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December 2019 — Little Day Out
Read Volunteering for Coastal Clean-ups on page 17 of Issue 2, 2019!

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21 September 2019 — The Smart Local
Read 10 Beach Cleanup Groups In Singapore To Join To Help Keep Our Seas Clean.

February 2019 — SEVEN SEAS Media
Read about our micro-documentary feature in Our Seas, Our Legacy from Singapore in Issue 46.

22 January 2019 — Medium
Read about our micro-documentary feature in Our Seas, Our Legacy from Singapore.

September 2018 — Our Seas, Our Legacy
Watch Taste of Our Waste: Little Green Men, a micro-documentary of our coastal cleanup at Chek Jawa Wetlands Reserve! Thanks to Nathaniel and Eddie for making this such a fun experience and congrats for launching this at the third run of the Eco-Film Festival Singapore!

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2 April 2018 — The New Paper
Read the article Local businesses push eco-friendly options to reduce plastic straw use. Thanks to Liping for being curious and supportive of our work.

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