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1 July 2022 — Mediacorp Channel 8
Watch our feature in this video 前线追踪 | 海滩毁容 海龟遭殃 我国海洋垃圾问题有多严重? (Mandarin, though our interview answers are in English!) , about the coastal clean-up community in Singapore, why we choose to do clean-ups in mangroves, and why it should matter to us all. Thanks to Kuan In and team for interviewing Frances and sharing our story!

19 May 2022 — The Pride
Read “If you breathe, then you should care”: Green groups cleaning Singapore’s coasts call for more volunteers, awareness to learn more about our mangrove clean ups and the other ocean heroes in the scene like Our Singapore Reefs and Green Nudge. Thanks to Hana Chen for interviewing Frances for this article and using her quote in the headline!

24 May 2021 — IN The Straits Times (school publication)
Read our feature on page 2 “Too Many Straws Will Break Nature’s Back” and again on pages 8 and 9: “Waves Of Waste”. Thanks to Serene Luo for being curious about the impact of coastal clean-ups after doing one herself!

9 April 2020 — Climate Change SG
Check out our feature in their #SGClimateChampions series on Facebook, plus a short note with an interview.

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December 2019 — Little Day Out
Read Volunteering for Coastal Clean-ups on page 17 of Issue 2, 2019!

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21 September 2019 — The Smart Local
Read 10 Beach Cleanup Groups In Singapore To Join To Help Keep Our Seas Clean.

February 2019 — SEVEN SEAS Media
Read about our micro-documentary feature in Our Seas, Our Legacy from Singapore in Issue 46.

22 January 2019 — Medium
Read about our micro-documentary feature in Our Seas, Our Legacy from Singapore.

September 2018 — Our Seas, Our Legacy
Watch Taste of Our Waste: Little Green Men, a micro-documentary of our coastal cleanup at Chek Jawa Wetlands Reserve! Thanks to Nathaniel and Eddie for making this such a fun experience and congrats for launching this at the third run of the Eco-Film Festival Singapore!

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2 April 2018 — The New Paper
Read the article Local businesses push eco-friendly options to reduce plastic straw use. Thanks to Liping for being curious and supportive of our work.

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